Bisexual Sissy Queers

I know there are a lot of sissy queers that stalk this blog and love it. Rubbing their pantied clits vigorously while reading sentence after sentence of cock talk. I can picture it so clearly you dreaming about me taking you with my strap-on dick or better yet making you gag on my boyfriends big hard dick.

I understand sissies like I understand that oxygen keeps me alive. I know what to do with you, and I know exactly how I want to use you. You are to be my real life sex doll. Kept femme all the time and ready all the time to be used sexually. To fill my desire to see cum spewed all over your pretty made up sissy face.

But even when I’m not there you should keep your status as a lowly sex toy slut for me. Wearing your panty’s everyday. Keep your pussy freshly shaved. You know I like it neat and tidy down there in your boigina.

Crossing your legs whenever you’re seated. My fags should be doing that too. Listening to girl singers while sipping on herbal teas and eating salads for lunch. I don’t like sissies to be chubby. It shows a general lack of disregard for pleasing your Mistress. The only time a sissy should gain weight is when it’s desired from her superior i.e. Me.

Walking is also an important part to developing your feminine self. Even when seen from a distance you should appear very week and girlie in your entire being. Men should know by your body language that you are submissive and always available to feed their sexual appetites.

To be learn more about your feminisation call Mistress Jamie 1-800-356-6169

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